What is it?

StoreMatch is an advanced data-matching platform that was designed by long time landlords and retailers who wanted to spend less time looking for deals and more time signing them.

How does it work?


Retailers tell us what they’re looking for, landlords tell us what’s available, and the proprietary StoreMatch algorithm checks both in real time, referencing retailer criteria against thousands of listings to find the perfect fit.

When a match is made, we’ll make the introduction via email so you can get right to the negotiation.

I’ve signed up and uploaded my information. Why don’t I have any matches?

You’re almost there! But we can’t show the confidential information listed on our site to just anybody. Your new Account Executive still needs to confirm your identity, validate your information, and activate your account.

What information do you collect?  

Just enough to ensure the security of the data our users upload to the site.

To approve your account we’ll need to verify:
Your Name
Your Company’s Name
Valid Phone #
Valid Email Address

To upload a landlord’s shopping center we’ll also have to check:
The Address
Center Name
Center Type

To add a vacancy on that center, we’ll need:
Store Number
Vacancy Type
Accepted Usages

And for a retailer to upload a growth strategy, they’ll need to give us:
Desired Store Type
Size Range
Center Type
Desired Locations

Landlords (or retailers re-listing underperforming store locations) will also be asked to provide a credit card with the associated billing address, as well as permission to store it for recurring payments.  

Is my information confidential?

All StoreMatch APIs and web pages are secured with High Assurance SSL certificates that support encryption algorithms with key lengths up to 256 bits. Our infrastructure employs Multi-Factor Authenticatin for management operations. Industry-standard encryption algorithms with appropriately sized keys are used to protect sensitive customer information. You can learn more about our privacy policy here (hyperlink: https://storematch.com/privacy).

What’s is an Account Executive, anyway? And when will I hear from mine?

That depends on what you need. Think of your Account Executive as your personal StoreMatch companion. His or her job is to know your business objectives nearly as well as you do, then go the extra mile to meet those goals. They’ll help keep your data up-to-date, and they’ll always have their eyes open for opportunities you might have missed

We’ll try our best to reach out the same day that you register, but with new users joining us so quickly these days, that’s not always possible. We’d rather give every account the attention it deserves, and sometimes that takes a little longer (up to 2 business days).

Think we might have missed you? Be sure to check your voicemail and your spam folder. We’ll always leave a message if we can’t get to you.

If you’ve checked those and still can’t find us, head to the contact page [hyphylink =https://storematch.com/contact] and let us know.

Why can’t I look through all the listings like I can on other platforms?

For one thing, confidentiality is a huge part of what makes StoreMatch different. It allows our landlords to post listings they may not want to advertise publicly, knowing that it will only be seen by highly vetted potential tenants; and it allows our retailers access to those low visibility listings.

But really, why would you want to? Too many retailers waste valuable hours scrolling through page after page of unfit opportunities on traditional listing platforms. With StoreMatch all you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for, and we do the scrolling for you.  

What happens when I’m matched with a landlord or retailer?

Long story short, we’ll let you know.

By default you’ll receive a weekly email digest with all your matches, but you can set your own notification preferences from the account page after you’ve signed up. If the options we offer don’t meet your needs, contact your Account Executive and they’ll be glad to help come up with a plan that does.

I’ve got a match. Where can I see price per square foot?

You’ll have to call the landlord for pricing, and that’s a good thing.

The lease rates posted on other platforms are rarely accurate to the terms of the deals that are eventually signed. That’s a major cause of lost opportunity: Landlords have to leave room to negotiate or risk losing leverage, and in doing so they drive away retailers who think the posted rate is too high.

Where there’s mutual interest between a retailer and a center, they’ll almost always find common ground at the negotiating table. The first step is getting there, and that means leaving off the price tag.

What do you mean by “I’m Interested” and “I’m Not Interested?”

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Because our coverage is comprehensive, more active users may generate matches faster than they have time to call. Marking “I’m Interested” or “I’m Not Interested” is a quick way to sort your opportunities to deal with later.

If you tell us you’re interested we’ll let the other side know; and if the feeling is mutual, we’ll do what it takes to get you in touch.

Will StoreMatch negotiate my lease?

We’re not brokers, we just make matches. We leave the negotiations up to our landlords and their tenants, and when the deal gets signed we don’t ever take a cut.  

What about the “Deal Team?"

As confident as we are in the technology running behind our service, it can only find the opportunities that our users know to ask for. That’s good enough for other sites, but not for us, so we put together a dedicated team of industry experts to help cover the computer’s blind spots.

The deal team learns our retailers’ growth strategies by heart, then works through the data daily to find ‘hidden opportunities:’ vacancies that fit the retailer’s real-world needs, even if they don’t quite fit what was entered on the site.  

“Center Types,” “Store Types,” “Usages”, “Growth Strategies,” what’s it all mean?

Center Types - are attached to vacancy listings, and describe the size and characteristics of each shopping center. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for here, check out this chart from the International Council of Shopping Centers: https://www.icsc.org/uploads/t07-subpage/US-Shopping-Center-Definition-Standard.pdf

Store Types - are attached to growth strategies, and help narrow down the type of building each retailer is looking to move into. An individual Shop, a Pad Site / Outparcel store, or a Free Standing building are the most common criteria, but we also include options for retailers seeking a Kiosk, a Car Wash, an ATM, a Pop Up retailer, a Store in Store opening, or a Drive Thru.

Usages - refer to the sector or category that each retailer serves; we use this input to filter our matches, allowing our landlords unprecedented control over the mix of stores in their centers, and ensuring that the local zoning board never stops a deal from getting done.

Growth Strategy - refers to the set of specific criteria a retailer needs in a new location. These include size range, usage, store types, center types, and geographic regions, with demographic filters coming in the near future.

Are you available in my market?

We’re available in all 50 U.S. States, and Australia too. We’ve got big international plans in the works as well, so if we’re not in your market yet, stay tuned. Or drop us a line on the contact page and we’ll try to get there faster.

I’m a retailer opening my first store, can you help me? What if I haven’t named my company name yet?

Congratulations! We love new businesses, so we certainly hope we can help. We’re even willing to waive our company name requirement, if you can give us an official business address instead.

But it does depend where you are in the process.

StoreMatch is intended for retailers who are actively looking for a new location. If you’re still doing research, it might be a little premature, but as soon you’re ready to start negotiating a lease, we’re ready to help you find one.

What’s next?  

Great question. We’ve got a lot in store, including a few exciting new features that our developers are already hard at work on. We won’t give everything away, but here’s a sneak peek at a few of the enhancements that our users can expect to see in the near future:

  • Our dual roles enhancement will give approved users the ability to list vacancies and search for them from the same account, making it even easier for retailers to re-list underperforming store locations or recruit store-in-store opportunities, and for brokers to track both ends of the business in one convenient place.    
  • Demographic data will be incorporated into our growth strategy criteria, adding one more level of refinement capability to our matchmaking algorithm.
  • Optional SMS Alerts will make it even easier to see, and respond to, matches as they happen.
  • We’ll be ramping up Marketing Support for our users through targeted SEM.
  • And we’re adding all kinds of support for additional listing details, from brochures and photographs all the way up to drone footage of lots, so that our users know exactly what they’re looking at every time they get a match.

That’s only a fraction of what we’ve got planned, so keep an eye on https://storematch.blog to see what else is coming down the pipeline.

If there’s any other way we can make your life easier, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get to work on it right away.

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