What is StoreMatch?

StoreMatch is an innovative cloud based leasing platform designed to match retailer needs with landlord vacancies in a totally confidential and secure B2B environment. The site enables retailers to enter in their growth strategies for proposed sites, while matching up the entered data with available leases within their required areas. StoreMatch is the only online leasing platform available that allows retailers to privately enter their desired sites by location, size of space required and usage; and permit landlords to confidentially enter in their vacant sites. Information on a specific site will only be shared between the two parties if a match is determined. Once the match is made, the retailer and landlord are put in contact with each other to begin negotiating the deal!

Why do I need StoreMatch?

As a landlord – Vacancies create reporting issues, as well as puts pressure on investors when loss of rent and outgoings occur. There is no tool for landlords to generate market wide leads for vacancies without advertising in the open market. StoreMatch not only allows landlords to upload their vacancy information online confidentially, but it also allows for multiple bidders on retail sites.

As a retailer – There is no platform where retailers can upload their growth plan and find exact site matches that meet their requirements. Retailers are also not able to market poorly performing stores to exit the location. StoreMatch is also the only place where retailers are able to find under roof shopping centre store vacancies.

How much does it cost?

Storematch is free for retailers to register and receive opportunities. Landlords fees will be determined in accordance with their requirements.

Do I need to sign anything?

Landlords will be sent our Landlord Participation Agreement, which will outline in detail the terms and conditions between StoreMatch, the landlord and their information.

Is my information confidential?

StoreMatch is a completely secure and confidential platform that will only share data between the landlord and retailer if a match is made in the system. The StoreMatch technology platform operates off of a HTML5 SaaS platform delivering real-time information updates. Infrastructure is SSAE16 certified, with the highest level of security, supported by a leading network, date and physical security environment. Servers have SLL certificates and 2048bit AES encryption.

How do I put together my growth strategy?

Landlords and Retailers will enter in prospective site opportunities through entering in the following data:
– Location
– Size of space required
– Usage

Once this data is entered into the StoreMatch system, the site actively pulls data between both the landlords and retailers, and if a match is made, the two parties will be notified.

It is the responsibility of the landlord and the retailer to enter in their growth strategy accurately and regularly to keep their account as up to date as possible to ensure the highest likelihood of getting a match. Each potential site opportunity must be entered separately to ensure a complete and thorough database system.


Can I search for all available sites within a state?

Retailers are able to search for all available site opportunities by state and by center type.

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